An Australian Multinational Distribution Group.

Providing workplace consumable products and supply chain solutions to business customers in Australia, UK, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Operating Brands a part of the SGH Group

We are an Australian multinational distribution group providing workplace consumable products and supply chain solutions to business customers. As a supplier and distributor, we offer a comprehensive assortment of products to support customers with purchasing options and solutions that are essential in the operation of their business.

Stealth’s diversified product portfolio of distributed brands, proprietary brands and bespoke brands are focused on Safety, Industrial and Workplace product categories, sold to the Industrial, Trade and Retail customer markets.

The group serves approximately 3,000 customers, large and small, across a variety of industry sectors including resources, transportation, industrial, manufacturing, engineering, construction, contracting, trade retail, and general workplace environments.

Headquartered in Perth, the group operates in Australia, UK, Africa, Asia, Europe under three competitive brands, Heatleys Safety and Industrial, Industrial Supply Group, and BSA Brands (UK) a joint venture with Bisley Workwear.

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