A new partnership provides worldwide supply capability.

JWD0698_STEALTH_Website_Feature-Story_2_Nov-15We are pleased to announce that Stealth Global Industries and Storm Procurement Ltd (United Kingdom & South Africa) have entered into a formal strategic partnership arrangement.

By utilising the Stealth Global operational infrastructure in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia as well as the Storm Procurement operational infrastructure in the United Kingdom and South Africa, this merging of capabilities delivers to customers a worldwide supply solution across five continents; Australia, Africa, Asia, Middle East and UK/Europe.

The core business objectives are to lead the global supply, procurement and contract supply chain services, across various industries that operate in the mining, drilling, industrial, construction, manufacturing, engineering, contracting, energy, government, ngo, commercial and general industries. Through strategic business initiatives both parties will continue to broaden their offers across new customers in new market segments to extend the global customer network.

With over one million products available on our systems, we are able to supply across the key product categories; industrial, MRO, automotive, drilling and safety products. By engaging various methods such as account managers, contact centres, field representatives, online and ecommerce, distributors, agents, direct marketing and catalogues we have the ability to communicate to customers through a multi channeled approach.

Stealth Global CEO, Mike Arnold said “This converging of capabilities builds a market leading presence leveraged by our combined buying power, a global supply network, six strategically placed global offices and distribution hubs combined with depth of experience, operational knowledge and technical expertise to support our customers”.

He went on to say “Storm Procurement have been a market leader servicing clients operating in Africa for over 10 years. Their operational capabilities and market knowledge is strong and they are well known for their service delivery performance”

Storm Procurement, Managing Director, Paul Alexander explains “We are pleased that we are now able to expand to our clients a solution in the regions of Australia and Asia delivering both a financial and service benefit with a total cost savings package that integrates all aspects of operations with the supply chain management systems we provide.”

The establishment of this partnership provides global reach, extended service capabilities, a wider range of competitively priced quality products and services, quick quoting responses, effective lead times and superior service delivery performance.

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