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Electrical Refill

Order our Electrical Refill to top up your Electrical First Aid Kit. The refill is available in a a plastic bag.


The electrical refill meets and exceeds the British national standards for workplaces and is compliant with BS8599-1:2011.
Compliance size: Small.
Low Hazard: Fewer than 25 people.
High Hazard: Fewer than 5 people.

Product code

  • 9RFAKV2

Quantity items

  • 271 pieces

The electrical refill contains

25 x Adhesive plasters, fabric
65 x Adhesive plasters, PE
20 x Cleansing wipes, 1% cetrimide
1 x Conforming bandage, medium
30 x Cotton balls
100 x Cotton tips
1 x CPR resuscitation mask
1 x Elastic bandage with wound pad, large
4 x Elastic bandage with wound pad, medium
1 x Emergency first aid information booklet
2 x Eye pad, sterile
2 x Finger dressing, medium
6 x Gloves, nitrile
1 x Hydrogel burn dressing
1x Paper tape
6 x Safety pins
1 x Shears
1 x Space/shock blanket
2 x Triangular cotton bandage, 110cm

Industry First

Industry First’s range of first aid kits meets and exceeds the British industry requirements for first aid kits at workplaces. All workplace kits meet the standard British compliance BS8599-1:2011 – the national standard at workplaces. All vehicle workplace kits meet the standard British compliance BS 8599:2:2014 – the national standard for vehicles at workplaces. Stealth Global Industries UK is registered by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) and all kits fully complies with the PPE regulations and is appropriately CE marked for the UK. Read more about Industry First.

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