Stealth Acquires Protect-A-Load

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Stealth Global Holdings Ltd (ASX: SGI) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Protect-A-Load, a privately owned Western Australian based designer and supplier of innovative load restraint products. This includes Protect-A-Load’s premium 18 teeth ergonomic reverse action ratchet tie-downs and patented lockable cargo nets.

Protect-A-Load is being integrated into the Heatleys Safety and Industrial Division, and its design registered products complement and extend the existing extensive range of industrial products offered by Heatleys. The innovation demonstrated in the ergonomic ratchet action delivers significant improvements in health and safety, reducing driver and rigger fatigue and shoulder strain.

Stealth Global Managing Director Mike Arnold said the acquisition of Protect-A-Load is consistent with Stealth’s growth strategy where the Company has continued to invest in expanding its proprietary product range building a stronger and more competitive business since listing on the ASX in October 2018. In that time Stealth has acquired Heatleys Safety & Industrial, established an Australia wide distribution footprint through Industrial Supply Group (ISG), a national independent member based distribution group consisting of 27 trade industrial stores, forged a strategic joint venture in the UK with world class brand Bisley Workwear, and entered into a trading partnership with the UK’s largest independent member based distribution groups – Troy (UK) consisting of 420 trade industrial stores throughout the United Kingdom.

“Protect-A-Group is a modest bolt-on acquisition in terms of capital expenditure for Stealth, but it offers substantial growth potential when combined with Stealth’s multinational distribution capability and Heatley’s complementary product range. The Protect-A-Load product range will initially be marketed through Heatleys and will be rapidly rolled out across Australia through the 27 member stores of our ISG distribution group.

“The addition of this product range allows us to expand our offering of high quality, innovative products that add value to our customers, and improve operational health and safety,” said Mr Arnold.

To find out more about Protect-A-Load – Ergonomic Ratchet visit their website

The ergonomic reverse action ratchet assembly was purposely created to help assist worker fatigue and muscle strain. The advantages of using the reverse action (Ergo) ratchet straps is that the ratchet allows the load to be tensioned by pulling down on the handle of the ratchet buckle. This is the opposite to standard ratchets where you push the handle up to tighten the strap. Protect-A-Load engaged Engistics Australia to perform a Webbing Ratchet Pre-Tension Test on the 18 Teeth Ratchet Frame assemblies against the normal 11 teeth frames. Report results proved that the 18 Teeth Ratchet Frame achieved consistently higher pre-tensions (minimum 44%) in the straight-line pull test and required less effort by the operator on both the upward (standard) & downward (Ergo) frames.

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