Customers & Sales Channels

Serving our Customers

Strategically Stealth sells to customers via ‘fit for market’ and ‘fit for customer’ sales channels.

These sales channels include traditional and digital sales channels which can be integrated to satisfy customer requirements. This enables customers to select the sales channels and purchasing methods that best suit their business needs. This ensures that customer engagement, satisfaction and efficiencies are maximised as well as maximising business performance.

Characterised by:

  • Preference for convenience (Digital)
  • Behaviour similar to individual consumers
  • Transaction driven
  • Unsophisticated buying decisions

Characterised by:

  • Fewer sites or a single site
  • Less-sophisticated needs
  • Focus on product categories that are supplied just in time
  • Centralised & decentralised buying

Characterised by:

  • Sophisticated needs
  • Multiple sites
  • Supplier consolidation & category mgmt
  • Contract backed FPA’s
  • Relationship driven
  • Integrated technology

Sales Channels

Customers have more choice than ever before. Wide-ranging product availability and price transparency have changed customer behaviours, through consolidation of suppliers, online search and on-site services. The demand for stock availability, when and where our customers needs it, has shaped our customer acquisition and retention model which is supported by our strong service delivery experience. Stealth goes to market through eight main channels;


Wide range of quick & convenient buying options, enabling customers to view products from anywhere at any time.


Highly trained internal sales representatives provide 24/7 sales, service & technical support and distribution.


Our Sales Reps build relationships with customers to find a solution for their product & service requirements.


A direct channel to customers to promote products, services and improve the business relationship.


With global reach, multi source and procurement options, we add valuable end-to-end contract supply solutions.


Branches can supply our products and provide a tangible channel for our customers.


Expanding the multi channel offering with ‘brand in the hand’ connection to products and services.


Distributors add an international presence with customers having established business relationships.


Why Choose Us?

Local to you Internationally

With 12 locations and a global supply network, our worldwide delivery and customer service centres are local to you wherever you are.

Biggest Range in Stock

We put our customers first, servicing all orders with consistent quality performance and service that exceeds expectations.

Expert Advice & Training

Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with expert advice and training, working with you to determine the best solution.


With access to over 300,000 products, we are your one-stop-shop, from sourcing a single item to a contract supply chain solution.